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We Include is creating a culture of inclusion in workplaces, schools and everyday life.

1 in 4 adults has a disability.

Despite popular misconceptions, disabilities are common. 

Welcome to We Include, an organization created to empower people with disabilities and to advocate for their inclusion in every facet of life.
People with disabilities are awesome, and since 1 in 4 adults has a visible or invisible disability—that’s a lot of people who deserve our attention, respect and admiration.
We Include is inspired by a nonprofit in Tampa Bay, Florida called Help Us Gather (HUG) that helps people with disabilities connect socially and advocates for inclusion. Although the important work at HUG is targeted to a local audience, the response to its mission resonated globally. HUG’s work to create personal and professional opportunities for people with disabilities became a source of happiness and hope. Its stories were shared by hundreds of news outlets in the United States and throughout the world, prompting people to reach out asking HUG to bring its mission of inclusion and advocacy for people with disabilities to a bigger audience.
We Include was created to do just that. 


Treat of a Lifetime

Barkworthy Baker Allison Fogarty Goes On Set with Her Idol Rachael Ray

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of people with disabilities are lonely

It has been the norm to exclude people with disabilities from workplaces, social circles, media, etc.
It is time to change that.

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Dare to create a different world with us

People with disabilities have limitless potential when given the opportunity to achieve. Watch the stories that We Include made happen by believing that a more inclusive world is not only possible–it’s better for everyone.


Including everyone makes us​ stronger.,better.,cooler.,brighter.,happier.,bolder.,sparkle.,the bomb 🙂

At We Include, positive representation of people with disabilities takes top priority. We are making huge constructive changes in the right direction by supporting and empowering those of us with disabilities to dream, strive for goals, and enjoy who we are as we are.
Who better to show how it’s done than the people with disabilities influencing trends, changing the game and breaking down barriers? Check out the roster of inclusion and celebrity influencers who agreed to speak out and speak up for We Include and the power of inclusion.

Inclusion Influencers

We Include unites the boldest voices to make sure the message of inclusion gets heard loud and clear.


Rachel Barcellona

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Allison Fogarty

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Temple Grandin

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Grace Strobel

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Inclusion is Smart Business

Employees with special needs have high-value skills like loyalty, consistency and reliability. With a market share of more than $1.28 trillion, individuals with disabilities are the future of global business.

Social Enterprise

Spectrum Designs in New York followed a thread on creating a workforce talent of people with autism. That thread knitted together one of the most impressive, productive work cultures in the apparel industry.
The history of Spectrum Designs reads like a string of headlines chronicling the American Dream:

  • 2011— T-shirt screen printing nonprofit starts in a barn with two teens with autism and three dedicated adults
  • 2012— Staff grows to 10 teens and production moves to 500 sq ft room
  • 2013— Sales triple and production moves to 1,500 sq ft building
  • 2014— Sales double and plans for expansion begin
  • 2015— Equipment upgrades help production increase 500%
Social Enterprise

Beauty for All

With the momentum building for diversity and inclusion initiatives in businesses around the world, more and more research comes to light revealing the social and economic benefits of including people with disabilities on staff, in marketing, and as clientele.

Over and over we keep learning that inclusion pays—it’s good business; it’s smart business; and it’s everybody’s business to keep busting down barriers for people with disabilities to make the world a better place.

One super cool way big corporations and small, independent businesses promote inclusion is by teaming up to celebrate people with disabilities. Local Clearwater, Fla. salon FLök by Bekim partnered with global brand L’Oréal to host a private beauty day with hair and makeup for a group of adults with disabilities.

Beauty for All

Fashion Forward

Alivia, the social impact clothing company of Jovana and Brandon Mullins, believes the only label on a person should be attached to a fabulous garment.

Fashion designer Jovana Mullins found herself as an art therapy volunteer for adults and children with developmental disabilities after realizing she needed more hands-on community work to feed her spirit.

The people she met—and the art they created—blew her mind.

“Some of the most beautiful art I had ever seen was being produced,” says Jovana. “When I saw this artwork, I thought, this needs to be on clothing–I can see that on a dress. I can see that on a scarf.”

Fashion Forward

Including is easy. Here’s how:

Click below to learn how you, your school and your business can include and empower people with disabilities.




Celebrity Influencers

Meet the people using the limelight to put a spotlight on inclusion.


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of people don't know how to interact with someone with a disability.

That’s too bad. They're missing out.

FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out

7 Reasons Why You Should Have FOMO If You’re Not Including People With Special Needs In Your Life.

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We Include is proud to showcase the beauty of diversity. Check out our lookbook of individuals with disabilities living their best lives and submit yourself or your loved one, too.

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