Jake Bradshaw: A Superhero Caped with a World-Saving Superpower

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Jake Bradshaw, a boy with Autism, discovered a new superpower pulsing through his veins. His dad, Led Bradshaw, saw his son’s new power, and together, they created a whole new comic universe within Jetpulse Studios.


Chapter 1: Origin Story

Long ago, when the young hero was about three years old, Jake Bradshaw began to face menacing trials in school. With speech delays and limited vocabulary standing in Jake’s way, his teachers called his dad, Led Bradshaw, and asked how they could help with his schoolwork. This super-dad couldn’t stand by as his son took on these trials. He set off with Jake to find answers, and after evaluations, the diagnosis was confirmed. Jake was on the Autism Spectrum…Sinister challenge? No! Led searched for an action plan—there had to have been a way to unmask this alleged “villain”—and Google came to the rescue with answers…Art therapy! Art therapy was a great option and came with many benefits. Harnessing the use of visuals and color in art, Led saw the perfect plan, and as an artist himself, he knew art therapy would be a vital key to the mission.

Chapter 2: A New Plan

The young hero, Jake, equipped the new tool, art therapy, and learned to use it with his dad’s guidance. Colors began to flash the depiction of mood. Yelling yellow was happy! Raging red was anger! Blizzard blue was sad! Jake was able to express himself in a whole new way. He didn’t need words. He needed action!

Through his art therapy, he drew and drew and his imagination soared. He began charting new grounds, and his dad was pleased. Jake’s first drawing was a superhero, caped in bright blue. Excitement was growing as the young hero went on and on about superheroes, and Led, as a superhero lover himself, found a bonding opportunity with his son. Both had a great love for mighty heroes and Led let the love grow into a powerful force, seeing his son reveal a magnificent strength.

Chapter 3: A Moment of Inspiration

The clues in this mission came together—super dad was on the case. The idea came! Led saw his son’s love for superheroes, and as Jake continued art therapy, the rise of a comic book was born. Creating a comic book became a therapy session. Jake expressed his nightmares and fears as villains, and the moments in his day that were the most exciting were built into plots. The action-packed scripts were then created. It was as if Jake already lived in a comic universe. Clearly, he had the skill to take on any trial, in his universe or beyond.

Chapter 4: A Hero is Born

Jake’s imagination came alive as he took up his own cape, his own super suit. He rose above the alleged “villain” and made into something new, a power only the mighty could wield. His dad, Led, watched his son develop a new strength, witnessing the birth of a new power. A power only Jake could handle. Jake stood, his blue cape whipping behind him, as his own superhero. He didn’t take his stance, mimicking a beloved hero we all know. He hung his own cape on his shoulders, beaming as himself, his own hero. Jake, a powerful superhero, was born with a superpower.

Chapter 5: Autism is the Superpower

Every superhero has a weakness, but weakness doesn’t mean defeat. A superhero taking on a villain will face challenges, but a hero doesn’t give up. It takes courage to put on that cape, and Jake sped ahead with it and his dad’s help.

Jake has a sensory processing disorder. Overwhelming sounds would fog the mind of the hero, but his dad, Led, had a secret weapon to neutralize the challenge: headphones. However, the headphones to Jake were a halting accessory. He couldn’t find the strength to them and felt embarrassed, having them equipped on his head. Suddenly, super dad came to his rescue. Led added sleek headphones to Jake’s super suit in the comics, adding uniqueness. A hero with a trial to conquer and trouble to control was what made them a hero. A hero without a “flaw” would be no hero at all! Who wouldn’t want to relate to a superhero? Finding a likeness would bring you to love the hero more, especially when they’d use their uniqueness, their superpowers.

“Superheroes don’t have to be athletically perfect…They can be flawed, and that’s what makes them cool,” Led said, thinking of well-known heroes, like Hulk, Ironman, Dr. Strange, Superman, etc.

This was what Led and Jake wanted to highlight in their stories. Certainly, an alleged sinister challenge couldn’t stop a hero. Surely, the hero could rise above it, harnessing their superpower. It was clear Led and Jake took a heroic stand and defeated the challenge with a bright blue cape of courage. No matter the trial or flaws, the hero would find the place to take action and complete the mission, and a comic book universe built from the superpower of Autism was the world-saving plot.

Chapter 6: Our Hero Speaks

Jake Bradshaw, the Newfound Superhero and Creator of Jetpulse Studios, had an announcement to all citizens, saying, “I have an important message to tell you! No matter what disorder you have, I’m here to tell you that YOU are unique. You’re really really special. You are special, and I love you, everyone!”

The superhero caped with his world-saving superpower has spoken, and all world citizens should adhere to the message that will save the world as we know it.

Chapter 7: The Story’s Only Begun

Jake Bradshaw founded Jetpulse Studios to bring all who face sinister challenges together to build hope and excitement. As Jake’s imagination continues to take off, comic books fill the shelves and the minds of so many others. A super team of father and son created a spark in the world that continues to shine.

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