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L’Oréal and FLök by Bekim prove that inclusion looks good from the top down to the bottom line.

With the momentum building for diversity and inclusion initiatives in businesses around the world, more and more research comes to light revealing the social and economic benefits of including people with disabilities on staff, in marketing, and as clientele.

Over and over we keep learning that inclusion pays—it’s good business; it’s smart business; and it’s everybody’s business to keep busting down barriers for people with disabilities to make the world a better place.

One super cool way big corporations and small, independent businesses promote inclusion is by teaming up to celebrate people with disabilities. Local Clearwater, Fla. salon FLök by Bekim partnered with global brand L’Oréal to host a private beauty day with hair and makeup for a group of adults with disabilities.

“We glammed them up with hair and our own makeup line, Lule,” says FLök by Bekim co-owner Lule Zulbeari. “We are so grateful and honored that we could do this.”

“Diversity is an opportunity we can’t afford to miss,” says L’Oréal’s formal statement on the importance of D&I in their corporate culture. The brand’s representatives, Tia Klimis and Gary Chiasson, came to FLök by Bekim for the spa day with gift bags full of L’Oréal products for the participants.

“Diversity is an opportunity we can’t afford to miss.”

“We are really proud and honored to be here,” says Klimis. “L’Oréal really believes in being inclusive and celebrating diversity. For me, spending time here and seeing so many smiling faces has completely made my day.”

L’Oréal and FLök by Bekim prove that together is better, and together for all is best.

“We’re looking forward to future events like this,” says FLök co-owner Bekim Osmani. “For sure,” says Zulbeari.

And we’re looking forward to living in the future that businesses like FLök by Bekim and L’Oréal are creating today—a place where companies are excited to welcome everyone and celebrate the beauty in everything that makes us unique.

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